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Ch. Kabree Mad About You RE
(BISS Ch. Daisymeads Playboy ECM x BISS Ch. Kabree Glamour Girl)


Madison (right) with her new Mom, Pat, and brother, Casey.


  August 2009

Hey Lisa!!

Madi and I are running in Novice FAST (preferred) this summer, and two weekends ago we ran at the Sheltie Club Trial.  Madison was having a ball on Saturday, although Sunday, in a complete downpour, our little princess reminded me that she is NOT into mud, rain, and general personal discomfort. Sunday, I pulled her after seven miserable obstacles--we were running in a swamp! But Saturday, she was qualifying until the SEND, a hard push right after a 90-degree right turn that was just a bit too tough for a green dog. She's getting there, though, and I'm really happy with her progress in three shows--we're both learning a lot about how to work a course with each other. The overall qualifying rate in Novice Fast is only around 1 in 15, so we've got 3 of our NQs out of the way. ;)



  Madison has her first performance title--Rally Novice!!!!  She earned her title at the Wine County Circuit Rally trials held the last weekend in September 2007 at Sampson State Park in Romulus, NY.  There were actually four trials that weekend and Madison qualified in all four trials, even though she only needed three qualifying legs to earn her title.  Here are the details:
9/27  Fingerlakes KC > Judge Carole Heden
9/28  Elmira KC > Judge Laraine Moffa
9/29  Onondaga KC > Judge Elizabeth Elvidge
9/30  Kanadasoga KC > Judge Carole Heden

Pat tells me that luckily Madison didn't have to sit or down her delicate princess tush on the grass that was toooo wet or in any downpours!!!  Congratulations Pat and Madison!!!


December 2006 Update:  Madison now lives in Syracuse, NY with her new owner, Pat Steer.  Here is an update on Madison as she settles into her new surroundings and new family. 

Hi Lisa,

Madison may not care for the central NY monsoons, but she has decided that SNOW is cool! I tried to take some pictures of Madison and Casey this morning...still very overcast, so I'm not happy with the brightness of the photos or my editing skills, but I'm going to keep at it. Digital photography is a harsh mistress.

The snow started on Wednesday night, which was also a full moon. There was powder dry snow everywhere when I got home, about two inches, just enough to leave some grass tips above the snow. Casey loves the snow, so he raced out and started making snow angels.  Madison decided that could be a lot of fun, even if the snow did get in her nose and her mouth.  She would roll all over the place, shake off, and then roll again.  Then, she started moving, and in the full moonlight, with the dry snow kicking up in front of her and behind her, she looked like she was gliding on skis.  When she gaits in the snow, she looks like she's floating instead of walking on little dog feet.  I will try to get a shot of took my breath away to watch her move.
It's been snowing off and on ever since, so now the snow is around 4 inches deep where it's level, and deeper where it's drifted.  It's a little wetter and clinging to them in little snowballs when they go out.  Madison starts dancing at the back door when she knows we're going outside, and then she kicks up the snow and dives in with her nose to find scent and tosses the snow up in the air so it can fall back down on her.  When it was snowing heavily, she kept sticking out her tongue to catch the snowflakes--what a hoot to watch her!
She understands sit, down and come most of the time now, so I coupled her together with Casey to let them 'run' a bit on the far edge of the property and give her some practice and reinforcement at coming back every time. I can rely on Casey to bring her back if she decides the doves in the trees are more interesting. I have to be careful with that, though, because she can unbalance him and pull his neck out of alignment if she really decides she should go another direction, even though he does outweigh her. But since he comes like a shot, she realized "come" was a race to get the cookies, and then they couldn't get back to me fast enough to suit her taste! When they're coupled, I can also move away from them to get a picture, knowing that Casey will hold them in position and follow my signals.
                                                                                                                               Take care,  Pat

We have a new champion here at Winfree--Madison!!!  On Sunday, May 2, 2004 at the Trenton (NJ)  Kennel Club show, Madison went Winner's Bitch picking up the 3-point major she needed to become our newest champion.  Our thanks to Judge James Burns for this exciting win.  Needless to say, we are extremely happy from the east coast (Winfree in Virginia) to the west coast (Kabree in California)!!!!!

Madison made us very proud at the shows in Raleigh Labor Day weekend.  On Sunday, August 31st, 2003, Madison went Reserve Winners in the 9- to 12-month class under Judge Col. Jerry Weiss.  On Monday, September 1 (her birthday!!), Madison graduated to the 12- to 18-month class and, under Judge Anna Wanner, went Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, AND Best of Opposite Sex earning her 1 more point.  What a birthday present!!!!

The Virginia Kennel Club shows in Richmond on June 21st and 22nd, 2003 were very good to us.  On Saturday in the 9- to 12-month bitches class, Madison went Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex under Judge Frank Sabella receiving 2 points.  On Sunday, this time under Judge Jean Fancy, Madison won the same--Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex for 2 more points.  WOW!!!  What a weekend!  We are still reeling!!!

Madison continues to make us proud.  Under Judge Terri Lynn Burrows at the ECSCA-supported Bryn Mawr Kennel Club show in Pennsylvania on Saturday, June 14, 2003, Madison won Reserve Winners Bitch.  No points but still a big win.  We're smiling!!

Little Miss Madison really showed her stuff at the 2003 ECSCA-supported show in Minnesota this year.  Sponsored by the Key City Kennel Club and held at the Nicollet County Fairgrounds in St Peters, MN, Madison went Reserve Winners Bitch under Judge Anne Clark.  What a thrill!!!


Madison comes to Winfree from Kabree Farms in Napa Valley, CA.  She received a 4-point major from the 6-9 month class under Judge Nathaniel Horn at the Spring 2003 Raleigh Kennel Club show on the Tarheel Circuit in NC.



Madison's info:
Date of Birth:  September 1, 2002
Date of Death: December 28, 2012
Sire:  BISS Ch. Daisymeads Playboy
Dam:  BISS Ch. Kabree Glamour Girl
Owner:  Pat Steer (Syracuse, NY)
Optigen: Presumed B
OFA: Good
BEAR: Normal


Litters by Madison:
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